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The single common ideal amongst our vast racing crews and drag styles is the love and mission for nostalgia

Whether company made, or done in the garage, we want to see representation in horsepower 



And the end of the day, it all comes down to one question: how fast are you?


About Us

The Central State Superchargers is an association of high horsepower nostalgia drag racers who love old school blown racing, and putting on a show for the fans! We line up: Blown Fuel Alterers, Nostalgia Funny Cars, and Front Engine Dragsters. All of which compete in: ground pounding, earth rotating, chest thumping exhibition competition. We are available for bookings around the drag strips in central states including: Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Arkansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. We race an 8 car point series race. 



Lee Loveall


Tel: 417-353-1865


Car Rules

  1. Car Types:

    1. Roadster – 135 max wheelbase, center steer, funny car type chassis with nostalgia body

    2. Front Engine Dragster – 225-inch wheel base max

    3. Funny Car – 1979 and older nostalgia style bodies

  2. No extensions on front of cars to trip lights

  3. All engines allowed

  4. Roots-type supercharger mandatory, max size 14/71

  5. All chassis must be certified

  6. Driver’s license must be Advanced E.T. or faster

  7. Fuel: Alcohol or Nitro, no Nitrous

  8. Blower restraints mandatory

  9. No active computers – data loggers only

  10. Up to date seat belts, HANS Device, highly recommended

  11. Engine Diaper mandatory

  12. Fire extinguisher in tow vehicle

  13. Four-wheel brakes recommended

  14. Blower belt guard is mandatory

  15. Maximum of three disk non-lock up clutch

  16. Maximum fuel line diameter of 1 ½ inches

  17. Ignition = Single Magneto (any type)

  18. Fuel Pump = One fuel pump (single rotor or gear)

  19. On board fire system highly recommended


Race Procedures

  1. All shows are sold as 8 car guaranteed. If less than 8 cars show, it will cause a reduction in the event payout.

  2. Our races are limited to 1/8th mile events.

  3. Unless otherwise specified, the format will be for an 8 car race, with the option of 2 qualifying rounds and 1 mandatory qualifying round with #1 running #3, #2 running #4, etc… In the event that a qualified car is broken, the first alternate (#9 qualifier) is put in their position on the ladder.

  4. We ask for 90 minutes between rounds and 60 minutes before the final. We don’t always get it!

  5. All teams are expected to fire, burnout and stage in a synchronized manner

  6. Make sure your tow truck is moved into a position that is not blocking the next pair of cars.

  7. It is required by all teams and driver to inspect burnout area, starting line, finish line and shutdown area before each race

  8. All teams must have uniform crew shirts

  9. When tow vehicles go down the track, turn off all air conditioners, stay out of the water and proceed quickly and safely to pick up your car. Please turn off headlights when on the starting line and proceeding down track

  10. The first two cars down the track will be drawn if not volunteered

  11. When you take the turn off, be sure to drive as far up the return road as you can to give the next pair of cars behind you plenty of room.

  12. Our regular entry deal is 4 people in free with each car

  13. If there is a red-light start in qualifying, the E.T. is still valid and will count

  14. All cars must be numbered visibly to the track tower

  15. If we have associate sponsors, you must have their decals on both sides of your car to be eligible for the year-end bonus

  16. The CSS rules allow for a wide variety of engine and drive train combinations with minimal restrictions.

  17. We have a $150 membership fee and it must be paid a minimum of 30 days before the first race you plan on attending and your car must meet all the rule requirements listed and be accepted by the group

  18. An optional qualifying session for Friday nights is available at specified tracks (you must call ahead). A $100 bonus will be paid out to the fastest qualifier on a Friday night

  19. Payouts: a $100 bonus will be paid out to the fastest qualifier on race day. $500 will be paid out to the first 8 quickest qualifiers. $200 will be paid out to first round winners. An additional $200 will be paid to semi-finalist. A final pay out of $300 will be given to the final round winners.

  20. Some tracks may have different and individual rules, regulations, safety mandates, negotiated payout adjustments, etc based on turn out or mandates that are different then what NHRA or IHRA requires. CSS racers must always strive to follow the directions and accommodate the track's wishes in these areas. We are very thankful to the tracks that let us compete and provide guidance to us for these events. We in turn want to ensure all track decisions are first priority and will be upheld. CSS appreciates the neutral third party oversight and officiating the track performances on our behalf. Therefore, we will leave the track prep, scheduling, wins, losses, and disqualifications up to the track sensors and protocol. This will allow CSS racers to focus on putting on the best show possible and have a blast doing it ***but not literally, keep that engine together!



Howard Knowles

(417) 358-3667