Driver Spotlight

Rodger was born in Fort Worth Texas November 8th, 1948. He is a Vietnam Veteran, and worked for American Airlines for 31 years as a mechanic. 

"My hobbies are smoking meats and building RC scale tug boats. I make my own barbecue sauce, it's called 'My Barbecue Sauce - from the garage of Rodger Eckhardt.'


I helped Boddie on his street outlaw car. I also do some announcing at the end of the 8th mile on who won and who lost. I have had many strange pets, including a Brahma bull named Hamburger. Hamburger went to school and learned many tricks. You could ride him like a horse, he would get down on his knees, so it was easy to get on him. He was often seen throughout my neighborhood on highway 169 in Tulsa, OK, where he would be directing traffic. He was known by animal control by his first name. One time he was locked up for being an animal at large and that he was... at 2800 pounds. Tulsa animal control took him to the Tulsa stockyards and when I went to retrieve him, he was waiting in an air-conditioned stall, charming the stockyard employees.


I helped Boddie from Sacramento, California on street outlaws. I do the right side of the motor and whatever else is needed. I'm known on Street outlaws as Rodger Rabbit. Sometimes I announce at the end of the track who won the race.


I currently hold a Pyro Technician license and have done firework shows for over 30 years and still have all of my fingers, and most of my hearing."

During his racing career, Rodger has competed in:

Sprint car racing

World of Outlaws



Drag Boat raced

Tractor Pulls

Pro Mod's

Top Fuel Harleys'