"Summer Nationals Resurrected"

at Kansas International Dragway

1st Place Winner


Runner up



Congratulations to Lee Loveall and the Demon Hunter team on their win at Kansas International Dragway’s Summer Nationals Resurrected! Loveall won first round with a 4.34 @ 137 MPH  to take on Dave Gallegos who won first round with a 4.76 @ 144 MPH! In the final, Loveall took the starting line advantage with a RT of .1085 and a time of 4.89 @ 153 MPH winning pass, while Gallegos had a RT of .2661 and an  ET of 4.77 @ 145.30 MPH

Congratulations Lee Loveall and team!


Ozarks Racer Reunion Nostalgia Drags May 11-12

This was our first race of the season. And although the weekend held a few disappointments (broken transmission/broken reverse/heat exhaustion/lost keys) it still proved to be a great weekend nonetheless.  

 We'd like to give a big shout out to Rodger for bringing smoked brisket and to everyone who brought side dishes for our potluck. 

CSSC had an awesome turn out with all of the following drivers and teams in attendance:
1–Dave Gallegos - Nitro Clown
2–Rodger Eckhardt – Bad
3–Bill Seals –Sudden Debt
4–Lee Loveall –Demon Hunter
5–Dale "Lurch" Wilkens –Psycho Therapy
6–Don Wilcox–Show Me Thunder
7–Anthony Whitfield–Mighty Mouse
8–Jerry Winters–Injected Chaos
9–Howard Knowles–Cheaper Than Therapy
10–Gary Wheeler Jr–The Mistress


The even number made for some great match racing. On Friday  evening Gary Wheeler was our fastest qualifier, running a 4.52, and it was Anthony on Saturday with a 4.30.   Dales car "Psycho Therapy" with driver Aaron Leyda was impressive with a time of 3.88, but unfortunately crossed the center line.  He's going to be one to watch this season. 

 Saturday night our 1st round winners were Gary Wheeler who would go on to face Rodger Eckhardt and Lee Loveall who would face off with Bill Seals. In the end it came down to Wheeler and Seals with Seals taking top honors.  Congrats to Sudden Debt and their team.